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Date d'inscription : 08/09/2008

MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Mar 5 Mai 2015 - 23:53

Dernier ouvrage annoncé:

A Passion for Space

by Marianne J.Dyson

- Recounts the inner working of NASA through anecdotes about astronauts and NASA managers not found in any other books

Marianne Dyson relates the first five space shuttle flights from the personal perspective of mission planning and operations in Houston at the Johnson Space Center. Based on firsthand experience as well as original sources such as journals and NASA weekly activity reports, this is an
eyewitness retelling of the inside workings of Mission Control. The book contains historical details about astronaut and flight controller training that exemplify both the humor and serious aspects of space operations, including the almost unknown fire in Mission Control during STS-5 that nearly caused an emergency entry of the shuttle and yet was completely downplayed by NASA. The story begins with the inspiration of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon and follows the challenges of pursuing a science career as a woman in the 70s and 80s, when it was far from an easy path. Dyson became a space shuttle flight controller at a time when women were making the first inroads into flight control, a previously male-dominated profession. Written by an insider with a unique personal perspective and credentials to match, this a must-read for anyone interested in the institutional culture at NASA during one of its most definitional times.

About the Author

Marianne Dyson was inspired by Apollo to become one of the first women flight controllers for NASA during the early space shuttle program. She has an undergraduate degree in physics and enjoys sharing her passion for space at schools, museums and conferences. She has served as a technical reviewer for Scholastic, Enslow, National Geographic and Hampton Brown. Her children’s books have won the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator’s Golden Kite and the American Institute of Physics Science Writing awards and have been translated into multiple languages and excerpted for use in numerous state reading tests. A frequent contributor to Ad Astra, the magazine of the National Space Society,
her science articles and science fiction stories for adults and children have appeared in national magazines and anthologies. She is currently coauthoring a children’s book about Mars with Buzz Aldrin for National Geographic.

Product Details

Series: Springer Praxis Books
Paperback: 390 pages
Publisher: Springer; 2016 edition (December 2, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 331920257X
ISBN-13: 978-3319202570

Springer: www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319202570

Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Passion-Space-Springer-Praxis-Books/dp/331920257X/
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Date d'inscription : 08/09/2008

MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Lun 1 Juin 2015 - 23:31

Spaceman a écrit:
Le dernier ouvrage en date prévu:

Enhancing Hubble's Vision: The Servicing Missions

Authors: David J. Shayler, David M. Harland

- Discusses over four decades of the planning, delays and triumphs of the Hubble service missions

Drawing upon first-hand interviews from those closely involved with the Hubble project over thirty years, this is the story of the HST servicing missions, how they were developed, and what challenges each crew had to overcome. The success of the Hubble Space Telescope would have been impossible without the key role played by the servicing missions that kept it operational.

An enormously complex undertaking, HST could have failed shortly after entering orbit, but thanks to the skills of scientists and engineers on the ground and the daring talents of the astronauts sent to service the telescope, it lasted for decades. The resulting findings, including many some of the most breathtaking images of space ever taken, changed our view and understanding of the Universe. Five Space Shuttle missions visited the telescope to upgrade and service the instruments and systems in that time, and their crucial work ensured that the Hubble Space Telescope remains a lasting legacy of the Space Shuttle program.

Enhancing Hubble’s Vision is also a story of teamwork and an international partnership, a perfect blend of human and robotic space exploration that will inspire all ages.

Bibliographic Information

Book Title: Enhancing Hubble's Vision
Book Subtitle: The Servicing Missions
Series Title: Space Exploration
Copyright: 2015
Publisher: Praxis
eBook ISBN 978-1-4939-2827-9
Softcover ISBN 978-1-4939-2826-2
Number of Pages: 500

Springer: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9781493928262

Cela fait encore un bouquin sur Hubble!

Le texte originel étant trop long pour tenir dans un volume, un deuxième tome sortira en décembre:

The Hubble Space Telescope: From Concept to Success
by David Shayler with David Harland

    The highly successful Hubble Space Telescope was meant to change our view and understanding of the universe. Within weeks of its launch in 1990, however, the space community was shocked to find out that the primary mirror of the telescope was flawed. It was only the skills of scientists and engineers on the ground and the daring talents of astronauts sent to service the telescope in December 1993 that saved the mission.

    For over two decades NASA had developed the capabilities to service a payload in orbit. This involved numerous studies and the creation of a ground-based infrastructure to support the challenging missions. Unique tools and EVA hardware supported the skills developed in crew training that then enabled astronauts to complete a demanding series of spacewalks.

    Drawing upon first hand interviews with those closely involved in the project over thirty years ago this story explains the development of the servicing mission concept and the hurdles that had to be overcome to not only launch the telescope but also to mount the first servicing mission — a mission that restored the telescope to full working order three years after its launch, saved the reputation of NASA, and truly opened a new age in understanding of our place in space.

    This is not just a tale of space age technology, astronauts and astronomy. It is also a story of an audacious scientific vision, and the human ingenuity and determination to overcome all obstacles to make it possible. Hubble Space Telescope: From Concept to Success is a story of an international partnership, dedicated teamwork and a perfect blend of human and robotic space operations that will inspire people of all ages. The subsequent servicing missions that enabled the telescope to continue its scientific program beyond its 25th year in orbit are described in a companion volume Enhancing Hubble's Vision: Servicing a National Treasure.

    Publisher: Springer-Praxis, 2016 (Dec. 4, 2015)

Springer: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9781493928262
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Date d'inscription : 08/09/2008

MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Jeu 4 Juin 2015 - 10:36

Dernier titre en date:

SpaceX's Dragon: America's Next Generation Spacecraft

Erik Seedhouse

- Describes the development and design of the Dragon spacecraft, built by SpaceX, and its variants as compared to the Boeing and Sierra Nevada alternatives currently being developed
- Expands on the author's previous book "SpaceX" to provide more in depth information about the latest in their spacecraft and rocket design
- Presents a viable and reusable alternative to Soyuz for resupply to the International Space Station

IN MAY 2014 SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, presented the spaceship that will carry NASA astronauts to the International Space Station as soon as 2016. Dragon V2 is a futuristic vehicle that not only provides a means for NASA to transport its astronauts to the orbiting outpost but also advances SpaceX’s core objective of reusability. Dragon V2, which is a direct descendant of Dragon, can be retrieved, refurbished and re-launched. It is a spacecraft with the potential to completely revolutionize the economics of an industry where equipment costing hundreds of millions of dollars is routinely discarded after a single use.

SpaceX’s Dragon – America’s Next Generation Spacecraft describes the extraordinary feats of engineering and human achievement that have placed this revolutionary spacecraft at the forefront of the launch industry and positioned it as the precursor for ultimately transporting humans to Mars. It describes the design and development of Dragon, provides mission highlights of the first six Commercial Resupply Missions, and explains how Musk hopes to eventually colonize Mars.

Softcover ca. £23.99 gross
ISBN 978-3-319-21514-3
free shipping for individuals worldwide
Due: December 6, 2015

Springer: www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319215143
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Date d'inscription : 08/09/2008

MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Ven 12 Juin 2015 - 11:24

Et un de plus (et il manque encore le bouquin sur Interkosmos):

Mars via the Moon
The Next Giant Leap

Author: Seedhouse, Erik

-Makes a strong case for returning to the Moon as the next logical and vital step in space exploration

    As momentum builds for a return trip to the Moon, this book explains how a new lunar mission can build a pathway that will lead us to Mars. It explains how the space community must develop a consensus on the path forward, namely create a framework for setting up international and commercial partnerships to expand the stakeholder base. A return to the Moon will act as a catalyst for space enterprise with Mars as the next destination.   Seedhouse argues that the Moon is the next logical step in advancing planetary technology to enable Mars settlement. For example, the tools for construction with regolith and extraction of oxygen from resources on the Moon are more strategically applicable when performed on the Moon than on asteroids. This book explains how a Moon-Mars alliance can be created to develop lunar industrial bases and how these will make a Mars mission possible.  The author advocates a multi-participatory "agile" strategy that utilizes fast-track approach to launching and operating spacecraft because the traditional waterfall strategy is risk averse, slow, expensive and not adaptable. An agile approach uses rapid iterations, has a tolerance for higher risk, focuses on increasing capabilities, has a risk profile that lowers over time, and is adaptable to unpredictable technological and fundraising climates.  The trip to Mars is a tough sell, but taking action on the small steps to the Moon now will lead to the giant steps and leaps. Indeed, thinking of space projects from an investor's perspective will enable further development of the Moon. To that end, this book explains the goals of maturing and utilizing existing Earth-based lunar analogs for the development and testing of technologies that will lead to the creation of a 3 to 6 person habitat on the lunar surface. The future possibilities are enticing and only several leaps away.


Softcover ca. £23.99 gross
ISBN 978-3-319-21887-8
free shipping for individuals worldwide
Due: January 7, 2016

Springer: www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319218878
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Date d'inscription : 08/09/2008

MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Jeu 24 Sep 2015 - 16:24

Les deux derniers trouvés:

2. Interkosmos - The Eastern Bloc's Early Space Program
Authors: Colin Burgess, Bert Vis
- Addresses an often overlooked chapter that sheds light on how Cold War coalitions influenced spaceflight history

- Based on archival research from participating countries, including the People’s Republic of Bulgaria (PRB), the Hungarian People’s Republic (HPR), the German Democratic Republic (GDR), Cuba, the Mongolian People’s Republic (MPR), the Polish People’s Republic (PPR), the Socialist Republic of Romania, Czechoslovakia and the USSR

- Contains complete details of all manned Interkosmos missions with he participation of "guest cosmonauts"
This book focuses on the Interkosmos program, which was formed in 1967, marking a fundamentally new era of cooperation by socialist countries, led by the Soviet Union, in the study and exploration of space. The chapters shed light on the space program that was at that time a prime outlet for the Soviet Union's aims at becoming a world power.
Interkosmos was a highly publicized Russian space program that rapidly became a significant propaganda tool for the Soviet Union in the waning years of communism. Billed as an international “research-cosmonaut” imperative, it was also a high-profile means of displaying solidarity with the nine participating Eastern bloc countries. Those countries contributed pilots who were trained in Moscow for week-long “guest” missions on orbiting Salyut stations. They did a little subsidiary science and were permitted only the most basic mechanical maneuvers.
In this enthralling new book, and following extensive international research, the authors fully explore the background, accomplishments and political legacy of the Interkosmos program. Through personal and often highly revealing interviews with many of the participants they relate the very human story behind this extraordinary but controversial space venture..
ISBN 978-3-319-24161-6
Due: November 9, 2015
Springer: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319241616

2. XCOR, Developing the Next Generation Spaceplane

by Erik Seedhouse

ISBN 978-3-319-26110-2
Due: March 7, 2016

- Provides insights into the needed support for developing XCOR's Lynx, including space training agencies such as NASTAR, and comparing XCOR's vehicle to the only other spaceplane being developed currently, called the DreamChaser, by Sierra Nevada
- Chronicles the development of rocket propulsion, avionics, simulator and ground support required to realize the dream of flying passengers into space
- Describes the multiple commercial uses of XCOR's vehicle Lynx, from tourism to industrial research

Employing the same informational approach Erik Seedhouse used in "SpaceX" and "Bigelow Aerospace", this new book familiarizes space enthusiasts with the company XCOR Aerospace and examines the design of the two-seater Lynx. The new spaceplane's low weight and high octane fuel confer important advantages, such as direct runway launches and the ability to fly several times per day. Over the last 15 years, XCOR has developed and built 13 different rocket engines, built and flown two manned rocket-powered aircraft and has accumulated over 4,000 engine firings and nearly 500 minutes of run time on their engines.

This book serves as a go-to reference guide for suborbital scientists and those seeking to learn how one company has found success. Additionally, it describes the medical and training requirements for those flying on board the Lynx and the related critical roles of the astronaut trainers and a new breed of commercial space pilots. The end result is a thorough chronicle of the development of rocket propulsion, avionics, simulator and ground support operations being put into play by XCOR with the Lynx.

Springer: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319261102
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Date d'inscription : 08/09/2008

MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Sam 21 Nov 2015 - 11:23

Les nouveautés:

1. Sigma 7: The Six Mercury Orbits of Walter M. Schirra, Jr.

by Colin Burgess

    Colin Burgess offers a comprehensive yet personal look at the 1962 orbital mission of Wally Schirra aboard the spacecraft Sigma 7, the first book about this popular pioneering astronaut which explores his entire life and accomplishments. This continues the Pioneers in Early Spaceflight series, the volumes of which form an excellent record of Project Mercury's pioneering early phase of the Space Age.

    Schirra's pre-NASA life is examined, as well as his training as a NASA astronaut and for his Mercury MA-8 flight. The 6-orbit flight of Sigma 7 is fully covered from its origins through to the spacecraft's safe recovery from the ocean after a highly successful Mercury mission. Schirra's participation on the Gemini 6 and Apollo 7 missions is also told, but in brief, and the book also relates his post-NASA life and activities through to his passing in 2007. The Mercury Seven occupy a unique spot in the history of human spaceflight, and Schirra is at last given his due as one of the contributing astronauts in this painstakingly researched book.

Springer: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319279824
October 7, 2016
ISBN 978-3-319-27982-4

2. In the Footsteps of Columbus: European Missions to the International Space Station

by John O'Sullivan

    The European Space Agency has a long history of cooperating with NASA in human spaceflight, having developed the Spacelab module for carrying in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle.

    This book tells of the development of ESA's Columbus microgravity science laboratory of the International Space Station and the European astronauts who work in it. From the beginning, ESA has been in close collaboration on the ISS, making a significant contribution to the station hardware. Special focus is given to Columbus and Copula as well as station resupply using the ATV. Each mission is also examined individually, creating a comprehensive picture of ESA's crucial involvement over the years.

    Extensive use of color photographs from NASA and ESA to depict the experiments carried out, the phases of the ISS construction, and the personal stories of the astronauts in space highlights the crucial European work on human spaceflight.

Paperback: 400 pages
June 5, 2016
ISBN-13: 978-3319275604

Springer:  http://www.springer.com/en/book/9783319275604
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/3319275607/

3. The Birth of NASA - The Work of the Space Task Group, America's First True Space Pioneers

Author: von Ehrenfried, Dutch

- Based on heavy use of first person interviews and written by an original member of the Space Task Group

- Offers insight into the climate that led to the creation of the STG and the way management solved problems

- Puts into context the shock waves that Sputnik produced and explains how the Russian achievements motivated American gains

This is the story of the work of the original NASA space pioneers; men and women who were suddenly organized in 1958 from the then National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA) into the Space Task Group. A relatively small group, they developed the initial mission concept plans and procedures for the U. S. space program. Then they boldly built hardware and facilities to accomplish those missions. The group existed only three years before they were transferred to the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas, in 1962, but their organization left a large mark on what would follow.

Von Ehrenfried's personal experience with the STG at Langley uniquely positions him to describe the way the group was structured and how it reacted to the new demands of a post-Sputnik era. He artfully analyzes how the growing space program was managed and what techniques enabled it to develop so quickly from an operations perspective. The result is a fascinating window into history, amply backed up by first person documentation and interviews.

Due: June 8, 2016
Softcover ISBN: 978-3-319-28426-2
Number of Pages: 300
Number of Illustrations and Tables: 50 illus.

Springer: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319284262
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MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Sam 30 Avr 2016 - 10:34

Les derniers annoncés:

1. Women Spacefarers - Sixty Different Paths to Orbit
By Umberto Cavallaro
- Takes a fresh look at the lives and achievements of sixty former female astronauts in the Sixties and Seventies
- Brings to the forefront forgotten women trailblazers in space exploration across several country's space programs
- Documented by archival research including letters written at that time
This book tells the fascinating stories of the valiant women who broke down barriers to join the space program. Beginning with the orbital flight of USSR cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova in 1963, they became players in the greatest adventure of our time. The author contextualizes their accomplishments in light of the political and cultural climate, from the Cold War in the background to the changing status of women in society at large during the Seventies.
The book includes the biographies of, and in some cases interviews with, the sixty women who flew in space in the first half century of space history. It reports their achievements and some little known details. The result is a gallery of pioneering women who reached for the stars: women who, with exceptional skill, hard work, and dedication, reached impressive careers as accomplished pilots, researchers, and engineers; many are now in high level managerial positions both at NASA or in public and private organizations, and all left a legacy of strength.
ISBN 978-3-319-34047-0
Due: October 7, 2016
Springer: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319340470?countryChanged=true

2. Building a Space Station - The Shuttle Assembly and Resupply Missions
Authors: Shayler, David J.
- Describes the missions that were designed to help assemble the International Space Station – the task for which the shuttle was essentially designed
- Features first-hand interviews with those involved in the program
- Provides insights into the nuts and bolts of how the major obstacles and objectives in the program were approached and overcome
- Documents the success of the space shuttle in tackling the most complex engineering tasks ever performed in orbit
This book tells the story of the International Space Station from the perspective of the space shuttle's involvement in how the assembly and re-supply of the station evolved. It captures how the intricate and wide-reaching infrastructure required by each mission was managed and provides a comprehensive view of the relationship between the shuttle and ISS. The success in assembling the ISS over a period of 13 years came after gaining experience by sending the space shuttle to the Russian Mir space station in a three-year period during the second half of the 1990s, and after years of detailed study and evaluation. This book reviews those developments and how years of planning, hopes and dreams were turned into reality between 1995 and 2011. It provides detailed reviews of the space shuttle missions at space stations, including how the skills were developed to achieve these missions, what happened on those flights, and how lessons learned from one mission were applied to subsequent operations. Note that no mission failed in its main objective across nine Mir dockings and one rendezvous mission and 37 shuttle flights to the ISS. The smoothness and reliability of actual station operations masks the years of hard work that went into each mission both in space and on the ground. Using first-hand research, personal interviews and contemporary sources, an alternative story of the space shuttle is portrayed.
 Softcover ca. £29.99
    price for United Kingdom (gross)
        ISBN 978-3-319-40441-7
        Free shipping for individuals worldwide
        Due: October 23, 2016
Springer:  http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319404417?countryChanged=true
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MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Ven 8 Juil 2016 - 17:20

Trois nouveautés (avec des difficultés à obtenir des infos auprès de l'éditeur):
Mais le plus important c'est le premier dont quelqu'un m'en avait parlé en MP il y a quelques années!).

Spaceplane HERMES
The European Dream of Manned Spaceflight
van den Abeelen, Luc 2017
Preis ab ca. 106,99 €


This is the first comprehensive book on the European Hermes program. It tells the fascinating story of how Europe aimed for an independent manned spaceflight capability which was to complement US and Soviet/Russian space activities.

In 1975, France decided to expand its plans for automated satellites for materials processing to include the development of a small 10 ton spaceplane to be launched on top of a future heavy-lifting Ariane rocket. This Hermes spaceplane would give Europe its own human spaceflight capability for shuttling crews between Earth and space stations. The European Space Agency backed the proposal. Unfortunately, after detailed studies, the project was cancelled in 1993. If Hermes had been introduced into service, it could have become the preferred "space taxi" for ferrying crews to and from the International Space Station. But that opportunity was lost.

This book provides the first look of the complete story of and reasons for the demise of this ambitious program. It also gives an account which pieces of Hermes survived and are active in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. This fascinating story will be a great read for space enthusiasts. But it will also serve as a comprehensive documentation of an important episode in the history of manned spaceflight.

Product details

    Paperback: 704 pages
    Publisher: Springer; 2017 ed. edition (12 Dec. 2016)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 3319444700
    ISBN-13: 978-3319444703

Amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spaceplane-Hermes-European-Spaceflight-Springer/dp/3319444700/

Mars One
Hype and Hubris
Seedhouse, Erik 2017
Preis ab ca. 32,09 €

Next Stop Mars
The Why, How, and When of Human Missions
Genta, Giancarlo 2017
Preis ab ca. 42,79 €
Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Next-Stop-Mars-Missions-Springer/dp/3319443100/
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MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Lun 17 Oct 2016 - 14:45

Dernier en date:

The First Space Stations and the Space Shuttle
Travel to Salyut, Mir, Skylab, and Freedom

David J. Shayler

- Discusses the development of shuttle operation in relation to early space stations
- Offers an explanation of how plans were created to fly space shuttles with the Soviet Salyut, American Skylab and Freedom and to the Russian Mir space stations
- Explains the concept of utilizing the space shuttle design to assemble and resupply large space stations
- Includes firsthand interviews with those involved with the program
- Discusses revealing documents from the archives of NASA on how the agency planned for docking a shuttle to a Soviet space station

This book reviews the long, and at times difficult, path in matching the unique capabilities of the Space Shuttle with the creation of a large research station in Earth orbit. As the 1970s progressed it became clear that the Shuttle would not fly as early as hoped because of tight budgets and adjustments to the design of the space station. It was during this period that cooperation with the Soviet Union forged a new relationship in space from which emerged the Apollo Soyuz Test Project. Flown in the summer of 1975 the successful international docking mission encouraged further joint manned space programs between the two countries.

While studies and debates continued into the design of the large space stations, and Shuttle development slowly progressed, and thoughts turned to further cooperation with the Soviets in the 1980s. During the same time period plans for a possible return to renovate the Skylab space station had to be abandoned when increased solar activities forced the unmanned Skylab to re-enter the atmosphere prematurely. By 1984 the internationally supported Space Station Freedom, to be assembled from elements launched by the Space Shuttle, had been authorized.

The background to this rich history is explored in this book, together with the crucial developments in the skills and procedures that were essential to the subsequent creation of the much larger International Space Station. The book closes with a summary of the nine missions to dock the Shuttle to the Russian Space Station Mir between 1995 and 1998, what was learned from those missions and the lessons which directly applied to the far more complex International Space Station.

Softcover ISBN 978-3-319-49768-6
Copyright 2017

Springer: http://www.springer.com/de/book/9783319497686
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MessageSujet: Re: [Livre - anglais] Springer Praxis   Ven 11 Nov 2016 - 11:45

Dernier trouvé (11 novembre 2016):

NASA’s Pilot Astronaut Groups of the Late 1960s
Expanding the Space Frontier

Authors: Colin Burgess, David J. Shayler,

 Softcover ca. £29.99
    price for United Kingdom (gross)

        ISBN 978-3-319-51012-5
        Free shipping for individuals worldwide
        Due: May 5, 2017

- Offers a detailed and informative account of the final NASA pilot selections of the 1960s, who bridged the years from Apollo to Shuttle and beyond
- Places the early years and career achievements of astronauts in the context of a changing U. S. space program
- Contributes to the general understanding of the little-known Air Force’s MOL/Gemini classified project, which was canceled before flying a single mission

In this latest Pioneers in Early Spaceflight book, the astronaut NASA selections of the late 1960s evolved from two very different requirements. The first by NASA was to prepare crewmembers for an expected increase in flights after the first lunar landings, and the second was by the USAF to prepare crewmembers for a proposed military space station. Though both requirements were to change by the late 1960s, both selections were to provide key support and direct involvement during the transition from Apollo to shuttle and in leading managerial positions during the 1990s. These selections, as a group, have been overlooked in accounts of early space explorer involvement in pioneering programs of the first 50 years of human spaceflight exploration. This book addresses that oversight and presents an informative and in-depth account of their involvement in the space program. The background explains why these men were selected at a time of significant change at both NASA and the USAF. By blending both the NASA selection in 1966 and the three MOL groups and their transition to NASA in 1969 it is possible to get perspective on these changes as well as provide a comparison with the Soviet program, which after losing the Moon landing opted for space station development of a scientific and military nature. The findings are supported with research and interviews by both authors over many years, as well as with NASA original documentation. Contemporary accounts and first-hand interviews with many of the participants offers a fresh and unique approach to recording the 30-year story of these astronauts and how their involvement extended from the pioneering years of Gemini to the forward-looking creation of the International Space Station. This book offers a completion to the story of the first American astronaut selections, complementing not only the books on the first three NASA groups by Colin Burgess but also the book on the two scientist astronaut group selections by both authors, and other titles in the Praxis/Springer space library.

Copyright: 2017
Softcover ISBN: 978-3-319-51012-5
Number of Pages: X, 390
Number of Illustrations and Tables: 150 b/w illustrations, 25 illustrations in colour
Due: May 5, 2017

Springer: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319510125
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