Début des tests du moteur RD-110R

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Début des tests du moteur RD-110R Empty Début des tests du moteur RD-110R

Message Mar 25 Mai 2010 - 0:04

Début des tests du moteur qui doit équiper le premier étage de la fusée Soyouz 2.1b. Ce moteur doit permettre d'améliorer les performances du lanceur et le contrôle d'attitude.

In KBKhA begun experimental testing of a new rocket engine RD-0110R
:: 24.05.2010

As the chief designer Victor D. Gorokhov, a copy of the engine, mounted on a shooting bench, passed a comprehensive test in a "cold" prolivok to simulate the start without the ignition of the fuel components in the gas generator and combustion chambers. "To be a few more cold prolivok, after which we plan to launch the first test firing", - said VD Gorokhov.

Liquid rocket engine RD-0110R developed in KBKhA in the interest of the State Research and Production Space Rocket Center TsSKB-Progress "(Samara). In the first stage booster rocket Soyuz-2-1B, he should increase the thrust-to-weight rocket and serve as the steering engine, whereby flight control of missiles in the initial part of its launch into space.


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