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Message Lun 31 Mai 2010 - 19:37

Une conférence internationale va se tenir au IKI (Institut de recherche Spatiale de Moscou) début juin à propos de ce projet qui va utiliser deux paires de satellites permettant de faire des mesures simultanées de la magnétosphère en différents points de celle-ci.

From 1 to 5 June in IKI will host an international conference devoted to the scientific objectives of the Russian space project multisatellite RESONANCE
:: 31.05.2010

From 1 to 5 June in IKI will host an international conference devoted to the scientific objectives of the Russian space multisatellite project impact.

Draft RESONANCE included in the Federal space program (launch in 2012/14, respectively) and focused on the study of processes occurring in the closest to Earth of space - the inner magnetosphere of the planet.
For a clearer understanding of these processes requires simultaneous measurements in different regions of space, and the resonance will be addressed, including, and this task. The project on the orbits will run two pairs of satellites to measure the near-Earth plasma, energetic particles and electromagnetic radiation.
At the conference, "Physics of the inner magnetosphere and the auroral region: current problems and their solution methods (draft resonance) is scheduled to discuss topical problems of physics inside the magnetosphere and the auroral region, which will be used to refine the scientific objectives of the project and policy making measurements.
In addition, the conference will provide information on the status of the preparation of the project and its key technical characteristics.
Organizer - Space Research Institute.
The conference was attended by over 60 representatives of Russian and foreign organizations: NGO them. SA Lavochkin, the Institute of Applied Physics, the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, St. Petersburg University, the Polar Geophysical Institute, Research Institute of Radio Physics, NPP Polet, Institute for Space Research, NSA / National Academy of Sciences (Ukraine), Space Center Studies of PAN (Poland), Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CHAN (Czech Republic), Institute of Experimental Physics (Slovakia), Institute for Space Studies BAS (Bulgaria), Institute for Space Studies AAS (Austria), Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Outer Space CNRS (France), Centre Space Research CNRS (France), as well as the U.S. and Japan.
Opening Session - June 1, at 10-00 in the conference hall IKI (Profsoyuznaya ul. D.84/32, m. "Kaluga").
Detailed program of the conference -

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