Un ekranoplane pour récupérer les cosmonautes?

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Des russes suggèrent de créer et utiliser un ekranoplane (sorte de bateau/avion à effet de sol) pour récupérer les cosmonautes revenant de l'espace à bord du vaisseau PPTS.

Il est vrai que la nouvelle zone où le PPTS est censé atterrir est peu adaptée à des véhicule à roue même amphibie. Verrons-nous une renaissance des ekranoplanes de type soviétique? Voir sur wikipédia: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/A%C3%A9ronef_%C3%A0_effet_de_sol

to evacuate astronauts of the future spacecraft, "Rus" are needed WIG

Four winged necessary for efficient search and rescue of astronauts in case of water landing of a new manned spacecraft "Rus", which is engaged in the development of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia.
"We expect that by the beginning of operation of a promising new generation of transport sector, the domestic industry will be ready for construction WIG us with the necessary characteristics", - told Interfax-AVN, "a source in the space industry.
According to him, airfoil planned to use for removing the ship "Russia" in orbit, as the trail passes mostly over water, as well as for efficient search and rescue of astronauts in case of emergency situations - manned spacecraft splashdown in the water.
"Ekranoplanes able to significantly reduce the search and evacuation of the crew of the ship as compared to using a rescue vehicle. Do WIG is another huge plus - they are able to move not only above water, but also over the land surface and ice, which expands the range of localities in which they may be involved, "- noted the official.
Rescue service, he said it takes four winged, two of which will be held in reserve. Pre-selected location of their home Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


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Je ne sais pas quelle est la topographie de ces zones, mais je suppose qu'ils devront opter - si ce projet perdure - pour des engins de taille "raisonnable" ?

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