Des moteurs pour la Zenit

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Des moteurs pour la Zenit Empty Des moteurs pour la Zenit

Message Mer 30 Mar 2011 - 21:13

2 moteur RD-171M (donc de la série RD-170) sont en cours d'acheminement vers l'Ukraine (site d'assemblage de Youzmach) pour la fusée Zenit dans le cadre des programmes Sea-Launch et Land-Launch.

Rappelons que ce moteur a été créé initialement pour la fusée Energia puis a été utilisé ensuite sur la Zenit. Ce moteur (RD-170 à 4 chambres de combustion) a ensuite été "coupé" en deux pour faire le RD-180 à 2 chambres équipant l'Atlas V américaine, puis encore en deux pour faire le RD-190 (1 chambre) qui va équiper la fusée Angara (et dérivés). Belle réussite! Il faut croire qu'il a été bien conçu.

Delivery of goods RD-171M in Ukraine
:: 03/30/2011

Scientific-Production Association Energomash Academician VP Glushko last week undertook to send two product RD-171M for the first stage of the Zenit "in SE PA Yuzhmash of A. Makarov (Kiev, Ukraine). These engines will be used as part of the Zenit "to implement the Sea Launch and Land Launch.

Development of RD-171 for the first-stage "energy" and Zenit ", respectively, started in 1976. World's most powerful four-rocket engine has the highest level of the parameters and characteristics for engines of this class is working on environmentally friendly propellants: liquid oxygen and kerosene. Engine for RN "Energy" is designed for repeated use and is certified for 10-fold use. A copy of the engine was tested on the shooting stand up to 20 times. The engine is characterized by high reliability of operation, repairs and Testability and has a large reserve of resources (not less than 5). Thrust vector control engine is through the creation of a unique site rocking bellows cameras operating in the area of ​​high temperature gas stream. The engines were about 900 fire tests with a total run more than 100000 sec.

Certification of the RD-171M was completed on July 5, 2004 - on the engine certification test to be held on 8 1093.6 sec, and final test (in excess of plan) - 105% on the regime. The first presentation engine RD-171M was raised in Ukraine, March 25, 2004 after LPS, duration 140 sec.

Serial production of the RD-171M at the factory Energomash in Khimki near Moscow.

Operation of RD-171M implemented in the program "Sea Launch", "Land Launch" and the PCF in Russia.

Press-service of Energomash and Space Agency

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