La Roumanie et l'espace

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La Roumanie et l'espace Empty La Roumanie et l'espace

Message Lun 20 Fév 2012 - 16:44

La roumanie envisage de lancer à l'horizon 2025 le second cosmonaute de son histoire. A travers un partenariat public/privé les roumains veulent développer différents projets (spatiaux et suborbitaux ainsi qu'un jet) dont le premier est un nanosatellite (Goliath) qui devra être lancé par une fusée de fabrication nationale.

02.21.2012 / 00:05 Romania expects to launch into space by 2025, a cosmonaut

Romania hopes to launch in 2025 astronaut into space within the framework of the Association for its space and aeronautics. It is assumed that by 2022 will be designed and built the booster rocket with a payload of 2.5 tons, and three years later on it will go into space in the history of the Romanian second astronaut.
Association is a non-state actors, which enjoys some of the budgetary allocations. Within its framework is being developed their own supersonic fighter, as well as missiles. At the same time, the association wants the state to significantly increase the budget for science, including space exploration.
At the moment, has been implemented only one project - a two-year delay in space launched the first Romanian nanosatellite "Goliath." The remaining projects - a supersonic jet IAT-111 missile Haas II, sub-orbital manned rocket Haas IIB, orbital rocket SuperHaas and rocket engine Executor - are still at the design stage.



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