La constellation russe de satellites météorologiques reconstruite en 3 ou 4 ans

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La constellation russe de satellites météorologiques va être reconstruite en 3 ou 4 ans a annoncé Roscosmos. Et la qualité du matériel embarqué amélioré. Par contre les satellites Artica ne seront pas réalisés car le Canada a déjà prévu une telle constellation.

Constellation of satellites gidrometeorogicheskih rebuild in 3-4 years

12:43 15/02/2012

MOSCOW, February 15 - RIA Novosti. The grouping of meteorological satellites will be fully restored in the next three or four years, said deputy head of Russian Federal Space Agency Anatoly Shilov, at a meeting of the expanded board of Hydromet.

According to Shilov, in addition to the three meteorological satellite "Meteor" has been ordered two more contracts it has concluded.

"For the first time since the Soviet times each year will be run on" Meteora. "Grouping devices in the next three or four years will be fully restored," - said Shilov.

Speaking of the Arctic satellite system "Arctic," Shilov said that funding for this program was transferred to other areas of Roscosmos, in particular, with the manned program and the construction of Spaceport East.

"Inside, redistributed, realizing that we should start, Canadians are already doing such a group," - said Deputy Head of Federal Space Agency.

Earlier, the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov said that the quality of both the Russian meteorological satellites - "Meteor-M-1" and "Electro-L" - not suit Roshydromet, because the equipment does not allow them to obtain information necessary quality. One of the causes of the problems with the Russian satellites, according to the Hydromet is a monopoly of Russian Space Agency, in whose hands are the functions and the customer and the performer.

The satellite "Meteor-M 1" was launched on September 17, 2009, but in the process of inspections has been identified contingency work of a number of its systems. In particular, due to the failure side-scan sonar, Russian meteorologists have not received from the satellite part of the necessary information.

Launching a satellite "Meteor-M 2" scheduled for 2011, but due to some imperfection of satellite systems has been sent back for revision. Date of its launch has not been determined. In improving the needed equipment on-board information center, as well as office space vehicle systems: multispectral scanner low resolution, a microwave radiometer on-board radar system, the transmitter. Also in the equipment of the spacecraft is planned to introduce a new computer. Total revision of the documentation provided apparatus for 20 points.

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