La conférence de Presse de Popovkin

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La conférence de Presse de Popovkin Empty La conférence de Presse de Popovkin

Message Sam 31 Mar 2012 - 18:22

Popovkin a donné une conférence de presse. Ci-dessous (dans le spoiler) on trouvera en anglais (traduction automatique) l'essentiel de ses propos.

Il est question de:
- Baïterek: un pas de tir Angara sera construit à Vostochny si Baïterek ne se fait pas à Baïkonour
- Un vaiseau de réserve (Soyouz) sera prêt en 2013 (il n'y en a pas actuellement, tout problème retarde les lancements vers l'ISS)
- Une nouvelle mission vers Phobos sera tentée si elle se justifie au moment où elle sera rendue possible
- L'allongement des vols vers l'ISS permettrait de relativiser l'importance des missions pilotées par rapport au reste
- Mars-500 sur l'ISS pourrait se faire en 2017/2018
- Les jeunes sont insuffisamment formés aux spécificités d e l'industrie spatiale
- Le MLM devrait être lancé en 2013, peut-être seulement en 2014
- La Russie dépense plus que lesUSA proportionnellement à son PIB, il y a d'autres problèmes à résoudre en Russie à côté de l'espace.
- La restructuration de l'industrie spatiale devrait se faire par logique de mission
- la véritable histoire de son coup de fatigue.

30.03.2012 / 16:45 Astana waiting for official response to Moscow's plans to build the RAC
Russia has not officially responded to the request of Kazakhstan's intention to build a space rocket complex at the base of the launch vehicle "Angara" launch site on the East, said Friday in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman Kazkosmos Meyrbek Moldabekov.
Russia and Kazakhstan in December 2004 signed an agreement establishing rocket at Baikonur space complex (RSC) "Baiterek" to launch rockets, "Angara". One of the main areas of joint activities of the parties should be modernized in-use and creation of new, more environmentally friendly, space-rocket complexes.
Russian Space Agency head Vladimir Popovkin on Friday told reporters that Russia is interested in building "Baiterek" at Baikonur, Plesetsk space center because , where he built a platform for "Angara", does not allow to ensure the withdrawal of heavy satellites into geostationary orbit. If the question is a joint project will not be solved, Russia will be forced to resort to an alternative variant - construction site for the "Angara" in the East.
Moldabekov said that the Kazakh side is not sent any formal letters, that "Russia refuses to create the RAC based on the" Angara " East at Baikonur, although (s) repeatedly sent direct inquiries about this. "
"Roskosmos did not give us a straight answer, but, however, hinted that the answer to this question depends on the position of Kazakhstan", - declared the representative Kazkosmos.
"I can unequivocally determined say, if Russia will build a space rocket complex on the basis of the launch vehicle "Angara" at the Baikonur East, it makes no sense to build Kazakhstan RSC "Baiterek" based on "Angara" at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, "- he stressed.
Moldabekov explained that "the in this case will be direct competition between the Baikonur Cosmodrome and the East, "and because" the Kazakh side can not compete with the Russian side, "economic sense to create" Baiterek "reduced to zero.
"From a political point of view, the construction of" Angara "in the East means that the interests of Russia and Kazakhstan in the field of space activities may differ, that does not meet the strategic goals of Kazakhstan's cooperation with Russia, "- he stressed.
30.03.2012 / 16:43 Reserve ships for flights to the ISS will be ready by the end of 2013

Le vaisseau de réserve

Reserve for emergency vehicles to deliver the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts and cargo will be ready by the end of next year, told the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin.
"We are now able to make back-up ship, and we will make it to the end of 2013. We agreed that 30-day readiness to "Progress" will be "Union," we, if necessary, within 30 days or manned spacecraft will be able to run or load "- he said, RIA Novosti reports.

Une nouvelle expédition vers Phobos?
30.03.2012 / 16:42 Popovkin waiting for confirmation of the scientific value of the recurrence of "Phobos"
Project "Phobos-Grunt" may be repeated only if he can give a really valuable scientific data that will be relevant at the time of the possible implementation of this mission, the head of Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin.
"We are asking today ... they (scientists) again at the Council on Space Sciences see the relevance. Because of the "Phobos-Grunt" said it was true in 2000. This is in 2018 (to be) true? We really learned a lot about Phobos through various methods. It (the project re- mission) may be needed, but if we are asked in what form that we still do not know, "- said Popovkin told reporters.
After the failure of Russian scientists talked about the need to repeat the mission. The head of the Space Research Institute (SRI) Leo Green said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the 2020 goal of direct contact study of asteroid material, which is essentially a Phobos will not be solved by other countries.
Popovkin noted that academic institutions have a financial interest in the new project, but the decision can not be guided by them.
"It is important, not the material basis that SRI has lived a good material, and to me it is important that we get a new ... Not just to write 20 doctoral and 50 master's theses, and To really advance our knowledge of the universe, the Earth. Yes, I understand that we have in the Academy of Sciences, a lot of institutions, and everyone wants to live well. But the PCF (the Federal Space Program), not in order to feed these institutions, for the PCF In order to solve problems "- he said.
Head of Federal Space Agency said that if a decision on Phobos is accepted, the program will be allocated substantial funds - about 18% of the total amount of expenditures for the PCF to get the result, RIA Novosti reports.

l'allongement des séjours sur l'ISS et Mars 500 sur l'ISS en 2017?
30.03.2012 / 16:40 Russia is ready to help partners in the ISS astronauts to the rehabilitation
Russia ready to offer its experience in space medicine for the rehabilitation of post-flight astronauts from partner countries the Russian Federation on the International Space Station after a long expedition to the station, told the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin.
Previously Head of Federal Space Agency's manned space programs Alexei Krasnov told RIA Novosti that the Federal Space Agency proposed to NASA to increase the time host of expeditions to the ISS with six months to nine months, and in the long term - to extend your stay in orbit until the crews of the year.
"We know how to rehabilitate astronauts (after a long flight). For Europeans and Americans, this problem is harder, they do not have this experience . And so we are willing to pay ... all we know, help, maybe change the rehabilitation period (foreign) Astronauts "- said Popovkin.
He explained that now the foreign astronauts after landing on the ground go to their home countries.
"After such a landing, even (avia) flight - a problem. Maybe two or three weeks the first - to fly here (in Russia) and here (pass rehabilitation)," - said the head of the Russian Space Agency.
According to Popovkin, lengthening the terms of flights to the ISS "reduce the burden on the theme of manned (for Russia)", which will solve the other problems facing the Russian space industry.
"I've said before that we were not satisfied with the share of manned space exploration in the Federal Space Program. I always somehow interpret I'm against manned space flight. I'm just saying that that's such a large proportion (manned launch) makes it impossible to work in other areas, "- said Popovkin.
Earlier the head of Russian Federal Space Agency said that Russia should make greater use of the capabilities of its satellite constellation for use in various sectors of the economy.
"There are two ways - either we need to increase the overall funding of the Federal Space Program that we deal with other problems, or we both look for ways to optimize the manned space flight. solving the same problem (for manned launches), without coagulation but with less "- said Popovkin.
30.03.2012 / 16:33 The experiment was similar to the "Mars-500", can spend on the ISS in 2017
The experiment was similar to the "Mars-500" could be held at the International Space Station by five or six years, told the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin.
He noted that the Federal Space Agency agreed with NASA and European Space Agency to start preparing an experiment for modeling interplanetary flight " Mars-500 "in space.
"According to our estimates, so that all work out and understand what they do astronauts where they should be, in any mode, or insulating their place, or that together with the crew they have interacted. I I think that the willingness to such a flight will be the year of 2017-2018, "- said Popovkin.
Previously, ISS program manager at NASA, Michael Saffredini said that the experiment should be conducted "before the end of the planned duration of the ISS," that is, until 2020, RIA News.

La formation des jeunes dans l'industrie spatiale
30.03.2012 / 16:38 Head of Russian Federal Space Agency dissatisfied with the training of young professionals
The level of training of graduates of Russian universities, coming to work in the space industry in Russia is extremely low, to remedy this situation, Federal Space Agency, in particular, will familiarize with the activities of the enterprises of students so they know features of the industry, told reporters the head of Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin.
"I I see what people come now to the industry. I talk to alumni. there knowledge in order of magnitude smaller than we produced. I still can not take any integral, all this is hollowed at the school and the institute, the Academy, hammered, "- Popovkin said.
He noted that the young professionals coming into the industry often do not know the basics of higher mathematics, and added that a consortium of universities that train specialists for the space industry, which students in the school could get acquainted with the peculiarities of the space industry, RIA Novosti reports

Le lancement du MLM en 2013 ou 2014?
30.03.2012 / 16:31 Popovkin promises to do everything possible to run the module took place in 2013
Head of Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin promised reporters do everything in his power to launch multi-purpose Laboratory Module (MLM) "Science" to the International Space Station took place on schedule in 2013.
"There are a number of problems. We have become hostage to the old building, old technology decisions ... we have a lot of work to do to the body. But today we have all the graphs that the launch should take place in 2013. I will do everything ... to those dates everything was done, "- said Popovkin.
Earlier some media reported that the launch of MLM can be transferred to 2014. Head of the Russian Space Agency's manned space programs Alexei Krasnov has denied these reports RIA Novosti.
Originally MLM launch was scheduled for the first half of 2011, but then this term often tolerated.

La Russie dépense plus pour l'espace que les USA par rapport à son PIB
30.03.2012 / 00:05 Russia should not overstrain for the primacy of force in outer space - Popovkin
Russia should not make super-economical to win first place in the space race - the country has to solve other problems, the head of Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin.
"I'm for space, but I have to live in the reality we live in our country, so that the country was flourishing not only in the space industry, so we were proud that we live here "- said Popovkin journalists, commenting on the draft strategy set in the development of the Russian space industry task:" to gain a foothold in the top three "space powers.
"We can be the first - let trillion ( rubles a year), we will be first, "- said the head of the Russian Space Agency.
According to him, trying to catch up with the Soviet Union, the United States during the space race has become one of the reasons for the collapse of the Union.
"We have once tried to be first, you know, just us," Buran "and" Star Wars "did so, then what country does not become (has broken up the Union). We would like to second that?" - Asks Popovkin.
According to him, the share of financing of the Russian space industry to GDP exceeds that of the USA. In 2012 in Russia at the space allocated 150 billion rubles in 2013 - 175 billion rubles in 2014 - over 200 billion rubles. "Let us in relation to GDP, which in our space, and the Americans. Americans have less space in terms of GDP," - said the head of the Russian Space Agency.
He believes that Russia needs to solve many other problems besides space, RIA Novosti reported

La restructuration de l'industrie spatiale
30.03.2012 / 00:05 NPO Lavochkin and RSC "Energy" can be combined for the lunar program
Head of Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin did not rule out that to solve the problems associated with the expedition to the moon, can be combined RSC "Energia" and Lavochkin.
In an interview with reporters, he recalled that while the development of space industry is determined by the Federal Space Program, whose action ends in 2015. It must be replaced with the space industry development strategy until 2030, which is discussed now. In accordance with the objectives outlined in this document should be carried out and restructuring of the industry.
"It (the flight to the moon) is not my idea, we have the Council on Space Sciences, is they said they must first go to the moon. Of course, for me as a manager, I have more ambitious goals, but they say that on Mars we do not fly until 2030, the conditions will not. And there are scientific problems less manned than what can be done on the Moon "- said Head of Russian Federal Space Agency.
To achieve such a task may require association of RSC "Energia", which is engaged in manned programs, and Lavochkin, which are developing automatic interplanetary station.
"If we go to the moon, indeed, it is natural that we should not do so, that the machines themselves, the person itself. Then, perhaps, we should raise the question of how to combine the "Energy", for example, and Lavochkin NPO. To compile this single stream and research space, and the fact that it serves. Under this construct transportation and technical support to the Moon "- said Popovkin.
On the other hand, if the priority will be recognized astrophysical research, we can work together Lavochkin and ISS Reshetnev name, RIA Novosti reports.

La véritable histoire du coup de fatigue de Popovkin
30.03.2012 / 00:05 Popovkin assured that I would go down if the fight was true
Head of Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin said that if the media reports about the fight with his participation were true, then it would be immediately filed in the office.
Head Space Agency, was hospitalized March 7 at the Burdenko Hospital, March 19, he went to work. Some media reported that Popovkin were ripped head injuries, including broken glass removed, and it was reported that this is supposedly the result of a fight. In Roskosmos cause of hospital admissions named head of the agency serious fatigue.
"If there was a scuffle and a bottle ... I am the General Russian army and was very heavy and difficult journey for these steps. I have my conscience, I would have written the next day to report on the resignation from the post. Other I would not do that. I really respect themselves and to be honest, I have inside still can not digest that dirt that turned on me unfairly, "- said Popovkin reporters on Thursday.
General described in detail the evening the day after which went to the hospital. According to the head of the Russian Space Agency, he came home from work about two o'clock in the morning, lost consciousness, then the driver took him to the hospital.
"The last, at 11 o'clock at night, I listened to his deputy (Alexander), and Lopatin, head of Ivanov, who arrived from the Baikonur East. There we saw the first version of graphics to create the East. Then they left and I took up their instruments. I went to work somewhere in the vicinity of the two - half of the third (night), and at the exit, I lost consciousness and fell. Then I the driver drove to the hospital ", - said Popovkin.
"I can confirm once again that this (fight) was not, this is nonsense. There were no fights, no bottles, I was not in any restaurant," - he stressed.
On According to Popovkin, the hype in the press - the "big load" for both himself and his family, and for the space industry.
"Those who write such things about me, they poured the lies and the industry," - said the head of the agency.
Popovkin did not say who might be beneficial, such publication, RIA Novosti reports.

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Popovkine a donné une interview à "Kommesant". Il réaffirme les déclarations antérieures dont celles-ci:

- le fait que pour la Russie assumer seule l'envoi de cosmonautes vers l'ISS est un poids et une responsabilité qui interfère négativement avec le développement du futur système piloté
- la volonté de réduire l'emploi dans l'industrie spatiale car les 240 000 elmployés n'ont une charge (globalement) de travail que de la moitié. Ne pas doubler les conceptions ("ne pas réinventer le roue") mais seulement réaliser des systèmes les plus pointus.
- Il ya maintenant au sein de Roscomos un centre indépendant s'occupant de l'attribution des contrats et du contrôle de leur réalisation
- Il y a maintenant (en cours de mise en place) un centre des opérations au sol qui va réaliser les tests avant les lancements indépendamment de ceux des producteurs. La responsabilité sera partagée.
- Une liste par entreprise de gens susceptibles de remplacer les actuels dirigeants a été publiée et le chef ingénieur (genconstructor en russe) aura le même niveau de pouvoir que le manager général.
- le plan stratégique de développement de l'indsutrie spatiale jusqu'à 2030, lorsqu'il sera à un stade plus ou moins développé, sera publié sur le site de Roscosmos pour recevoir les réactions.

Interview with Head of Federal Space Agency V.A.Popovkina magazine "Kommersant Vlast"
09/04/2012 ::

"Before going to reform, it is necessary to understand what it's done"

Head of Russian Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin told the "Power" Ivan Safronov, a Russian space program will go far in the future.

It has been almost a year since your appointment. What events during this time became the most prominent?

It should be noted some of the most important points. First, Russia has returned to space research, starting in July last year, a unique space observatory "Spektr-R". Secondly, we can not say about the interplanetary station "Phobos-Grunt", the loss of which was largely due to a break in the manufacture of this kind of space technology and the lack of funding at the initial stage of this project. This failure was a lesson for the entire industry, and confirmed the need for a phased increase efforts in this area of ​​space research. Third, last year NASA program swerve Space Shuttle, and Russia's international obligations have been assigned to ISS transportation services - delivery of cargoes and crews. In all likelihood, it will last for the next five years. Fourth, it was undoubtedly a breakthrough launch from Kourou Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST". In the coming years will be made more than a dozen rockets that will launch later with the direct participation of Russian specialists. So this is a powerful export potential and confidence in the future.

What internal changes in the structure of Russian Space Agency can mention?

In the structure of the Russian Space Agency was divided activities. Controls were eliminated, who oversaw the individual businesses, starting with the issues of modernization and ending with financial activities. Instead, they now formed a number of new centers of responsibility, as well as a system of directorates in priority areas of development, which includes both the Russian Space Agency officials, and representatives of academia. Created financial and economic management, which are concentrated all the financial tools and flows. It was also set up state property management. All enterprises of space-rocket industry today corporatized, have on their books a large number of properties, and many production processes often overlap. In order to reform the industry's plan to create a horizontally integrated structures. To date, the establishment of 12 holdings, and 3 - in the process of formation. In addition, the established management of investment programs and capital construction, which is responsible for the modernization of all businesses within the federal target program "Development of the military-industrial complex" and capital construction under the Federal Space Program.

And who is responsible for contracts?

Formed a separate center contract work, which deals with contracts and reception work. No other relationship with the companies in the sector it is not connected. Last fall, plans to establish such a center was reported to the Prime Minister, and they had been maintained.

And why it took the division, and CEO positions genkonstruktora?

This decision is really made. In college, it was supported by the Russian Space Agency, and to date, developed a temporary provision of general designer company, which clearly indicated his responsibilities and rights. Most importantly, in my opinion, it is empowering genkonstruktora virtually the same rights as the CEO. And if before he was appointed head of the company and filmed, but now there was little prefix "in agreement with the Russian Space Agency." Necessary to ensure that genkonstruktor really worked, and CEO to implement all its development. But this is not a momentary process. For each company needs to work individually.

Center for exploitation of ground space infrastructure you happy?

To make it, according to our plans, in the literal sense of the word was the center of operation of space infrastructure, it will be transferred to all facilities at the spaceport. This process has already begun. This is done in order to share the responsibility of the manufacturer and the test at the launch site. Well, not the one who makes the equipment at the plant, then it was to test and run. Test - is a completely different person, whose task - to determine whether this technique is now the declared quality.

Publication of the list of "reserve space" for managers can be regarded as a signal to the resignation of?

After the failures of the past year, along with those who made mistakes in software development and testing of the flight task, the responsibility would have to bear, and business leaders. If necessary, replace the director general in almost all cases it appeared that many leaders around the next there is no person who could replace him today, tomorrow or the day after. It was therefore decided to create a real cadre. Without exception, all who are present in the list of potential candidates who were approved with the current management of enterprises. It is necessary to know who is going to change. In addition, it is necessary to train these people so that they could at some point to replace those who now directs the enterprises.

Federal Space Agency signed a contract to deliver crews to the ISS in 2014-2015. Not going to renew?


But so far there is no signed contracts?

While negotiations are under way, and if our partners from NASA will have nothing to deliver crews, then Russia will take over this function. To be honest, for the Russian Space Agency is not joy but a big responsibility. In the manufacture of mass-produced "Unions" and testing takes much strength and resources, including the design office of corporation "Energy". Instead of creating and developing new means of transport and logistics crews in the framework of advanced manned systems, our experts have to accompany the release of mass-produced cars.

What is subject to further reform?

The first goal, in my view - is, of course, a departure from pererazmerennosti industry. Today, the industry's 240 thousand people - and it is loaded by half. We have to optimize it so that really there were only cutting-edge design. Unfortunately, many enterprises in the industry remained subsistence farmers, who must leave. It is essential that companies learn from each other's best practices, rather than each trying to reinvent the wheel for a second time.

What will help the industry development strategy until 2030?

Before going to reform, it is necessary to understand what it's done. For this purpose, a strategy creates the industry. The strategy will identify priorities, and under these priorities will be established holdings. I have no doubt that many of the items will be reflected in the strategy of the Federal Space Program for the next period.

You publish it after the decision of the government?

This document should be brought to its logical conclusion, and when he takes a more or less complete form, it will be posted on the official website of the Russian Space Agency. We want to see the reaction and to listen to different views, to allow for sensible offers in the final version.

The magazine "Kommersant Vlast" on 04/09/2012

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