Le site de test des moteurs et fusées de Peresvet ouvert au public?

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Le site du SIC RCP, lieu où a été testé la plupart des moteurs-fusée de l'aire soviétique et maintenant de la Russie pourrait être ouvert au public dans le cadre d'un projet, développé par le district de Sergiev Posad, de centre touristique et sportif. A suivre...

29.09.2012 / 00:05 Roscosmos facility in suburban Peresvet may open for tourists

Research center space industry in the suburban Peresvet may open to public access, it is at this strategic site Roscosmos driven around almost all projects of Soviet space exploration, said on Friday, the press service of the administration of the Sergiev Posad district.
"For visitors may discover the holy of holies - the Research Center aerospace industry (SIC RCP). It is considered a strategic object Space Agency, and its territory rare guests are not yet allowed to take pictures even on a mobile phone," - said in a statement .
As explained in the press service, the district administration is planning to create a new center Peresvet tourism based on a combination of scientific and sports facilities. They think that the place where the experience of space satellites and model conditions, has every chance of success with tourists, both from Russia and abroad.
"Where else can you stand next to a gigantic test chamber on a steep cliff river Cunha, where" vertikalizuyutsya ", as the scientists say, missiles, and then to the iron plate from a great height falls flame? Fuel (oxygen and kerosene) is fed from the tank close" - added to the material.
Tourists when they will get here yet, tell that this is where trial runs almost all projects of Soviet space exploration, from the country's first ballistic missile "R-1" in the late forties to the station "Mir" and the famous space shuttle "Buran" in Eighties. A similar camera exists in the United States, and in Europe there is no such facilities, the report says.
Also, the city has a museum named Sergei Korolev, a significant part of the collection of which hold important documents, and of particular interest are models of test rigs and genuine fragments of space vehicles, had been in space, specified in the material, RIA Novosti reported.

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@patchfree a écrit:Le site du SIC RCP

Je ne sais pas ce que c'est que cette étrange traduction ?? Il s'agit du NITs RKP (НИЦ РКП en Russe).

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