Entrainement anti-terroristes sur la pad Gagarine à Baïkonour

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Un entrainement visant à se préparer à une attaque terroriste a eu lieu le 26 février au pas de tir "Gagarine" ("Gagarine start") à Baïkonour et a rassemblé plusieurs centaines de personnes: FSB, SEC, Roscosmos, TsENKI, représentant du Kazakhstan. Formation d'un cabinet de crise, négociations avec les terroristes et opérations directes contre les terroristes ont été testés auc ours de l'exercice.

28/02/2013 "Gagarin's Start" is a platform for anti-terrorism exercises

With the "Baikonur" February 26, began a three-day anti-terrorism drill.

In conducting exercises involving members of the security and special services to ensure safety at the Baikonur: the FSB, the Russian police, SEC "Security" (the Russian Federal State Unitary Enterprise in status working for the protection of the most important objects of the space sector), experts and security Roscosmos TsENKI, units departmental security companies, said the agency "Interfax" a source at the cosmodrome.

According to the source, the exercises are held at the site N1 spaceport ("Gagarin's Start").

Supposed to practice the procedure of joint action for formation of the operational staff, created when a terrorist threat, the organization of negotiations with terrorists and direct counter-terrorist operations to prevent subversive and terrorist acts at the launch complex.

The exercise involved a few hundred people and a large number of pieces of equipment, including helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, armored personnel carriers, the source said.
In the territory of Kazakhstan complex "Baikonur" leased by the Russian Federation. In the city of Baikonur city government works, formed and funded by Russia. For safety and security at the spaceport and the city meet Russian forces. Kazakhstan has a representation of their law enforcement agencies at the spaceport.


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