Le TsSKB Progress en pointe sur le lancement des nano-satellites avec Soyouz

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Le TsPUNSSN (un résident du centre d'innovation Skolkovo) travaille sur le lancement par la fusée soyouz (comme charge auxiliaire) de plusieurs nano-satellites (3 à 5 par lancement soyouz). En 2013 ils sont en train de créer la strcuture qui permettra de larger les satellites. Ces satellites seront retenu (et donc libérés également) par un système de pulses magnétiques. Le tout étant fixé sur le troisième étage de la fusée soyouz. Ce projet est désigné sous le sigle "SoyouzStart N". Le toput devrait être mis au point d'ici fin 2015.

28.05.2013 "SoyuzStart-N" for 2018 would take up 20% of the market Nanosatellites

Russia's "Center of launch services nano-satellites" SoyuzStart-H "(TSPUNSSN, party innovation center" Skolkovo ") is planning to take at least 20% of the global market launch nano-satellites into space in 2018, told RIA Novosti Director of Business Development Dmitry Zeitlin.

"The needs of launch services market in the coming years will exceed the level of 100 or more spacecraft nano-grade year," - he added, noting that in 2020 the global market for launching nano-satellites will reach 50 million.

"SoyuzStart-H" is specialized in the development of technologies that will provide services to launch nano-satellites into Earth orbit in the transfer compartment third stage rocket "Soyuz", equipped with additional structural elements for attachment and separation devices. According to Zeitlin, the potential market is 3 to 5 for each launch nano-satellites "Soyuz", which range from 200 to 400 thousand dollars of profitability at each start-up.

As part of the project in 2013, it is planned to create a platform with fasteners and containers for extra detachable and non-detachable payload. In 2014 - to develop a design and engineering models and principles of management and spacecraft separation-H attached to other structures in the transfer compartment rocket "Soyuz". And in 2015 - to build a control box office nano-satellites.

"Currently, experiments have been conducted on the use of nano-satellites separation systems with magnetic-pulse drive, received a patent for the invention. During the negotiation of the terms of reference SRP" Progress Samara Space Center. "Analyzed the fastening system and the separation of the class CubeSat satellites of various sizes, as well as conducted negotiations with potential customers "- said Zeitlin.

According to him, customers can be both private and public companies, manufacturing satellites weighing up to 10 pounds, as well as Russian and foreign universities, educational institutions and research centers in need into orbit spacecraft ultra small sizes.

"We believe the project" SoyuzStart "very promising. To my mind, our innovators in this case felt for a good balance between the desire to go on a serious market of space services, in this case, the services for the removal of the spacecraft, and the ability to implement the project in a reasonable time frame and real budget. In this sense, micro-and nanosatellites - one of the key areas of our cluster, and we fully support our residents from Samara, offering new possibilities for the creation and exploitation of space applications of this promising class "- said, in turn, Director of Development Cluster space technology and telecommunications Fund "Skolkovo" Dmitry Paison.


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