le 75ème anniversaire de "Technomash"

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"Technomash" est la compagnie mère de Roscosmos et joue depuis longtemps un rôle essentiel dans les réalisations spatiales et militaires de la Russie et avant de l'URSS. On rappellera son rôle essentiel dans la création de la R7 et donc de la fusée soyouz qui en est dérivée. Mais également son rôle dans la création du complexe Energia-Bourane et en particulier du moteur LOX/LH RD-120.

Pour ceux qui voudraient en savoir plus:

NGO "Tekhnomash" said 75-year anniversary

MOSCOW, June 6. (ARMS-TASS). FSUE "NPO" Tekhnomash "- the parent company of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) for the implementation of the Federal Space Program in the field of technology - is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Over the years, ARMS-TASS informed in the press service of the company, "Tekhnomash" passed through all stages of development - from the Central Design Bureau 40 N, established in 1938 on the basis of the State Special Design Institute of the People's Commissariat of the defense industry to the parent organization of the Federal Space Agency for Technical and metrological support of creating space-rocket technology.

During World War II the staff "Tekhnomash" (GSPKI-40) were engaged in the restoration of production at the factories were evacuated to the Urals and Siberia, led the workshop, debugged processes, find ways to increase the rate of production of ammunition.

A special pride "Tekhnomash" - technological support for production of the first intercontinental ballistic missile R-7, which is famous not only because it solves an important military-strategic objectives and provide nuclear parity. On the basis of the "seven" was created by a series of launch vehicles that opened the space era, brought mankind into space. Due to the R-7 launched the first artificial satellite of the Earth, Yuri Gagarin flew, the first automatic station went to the Moon, Venus, Mars. There are already more than 1800 runs in the space held by the carriers on the basis of the R-7. Deposit "Tekhnomash" (THREAD-40) in the mass production of R-7 launch vehicles based on it has provided an unprecedented separation of the Soviet space from overseas competitors.

Can be regarded as a decisive contribution "Tekhnomash" (NIITM) in the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles for submarines and, in particular, the first such missile R-11FM.

Active participation "Techmash" took in creating complex "Energy" - Buran ", which was used for the first time a large amount of hydrogen. For the manufacture of the fuel tank for the first time used a new alloy Thermally 1201 very naughty in terms of welding - have formed porosity, cracks and other defects. But experts "Tekhnomash" it could "tame".

Similar difficulties had to be overcome, when involved in the creation of the most powerful oxygen-hydrogen engine RD-120, manufactured in Voronezh.

Currently, the company is working on a new draft manned spacecraft. And the upcoming missions to the Moon and Mars could not get along without the FSUE "NPO" Tekhnomash. "

Today, most businesses in the arsenal of the latest design and manufacturing technology of special technological equipment for the aerospace industry.

The range of activities of NGOs "Tekhnomash" covers all engineering technologies - from the production of billets to assembly and functional testing of products, from control methods to standardization and certification of products, technologies, equipment and quality management systems of organizations (enterprises).

"Tekhnomash" is a member of the International Association of Space Activities (MACD). It participates in the state of scientific and technical programs in the interests of the defense industry and the Ministry of Defense.

In preparation for the anniversary in May 2013 a meeting of the Science and Technology Council and the Conference on the theme "75 years of the FSUE" NPO "Tekhnomash": the development and introduction of modern technologies in the rocket and space industry, "told in the press service of the .

A landmark event on the eve of the anniversary was the opening in April in the exhibition hall of the FSUE "NPO" Tekhnomash "a special section devoted to the 75th anniversary of the company. Veterans and young employees" Tekhnomash "students of the leading technical universities and institutions of vocational education, as well as students graduating classes secondary schools in Moscow were able to get acquainted with the achievements of the past and present of Russian aerospace industry.

The company's management has high hopes for young staff. In the coming year, young professionals FSUE "NPO" Tekhnomash "will have the opportunity to visit the Baikonur Cosmodrome, and will take part in a meeting of the crew of the international space missions in Star City.

Youth companies took part in the competition for the title of "Best Young Specialist", which was held in order to identify qualified, enthusiastic and talented professionals among young people.

In addition, NGOs have been competition for the title of "Best Engineer", "Best Design Engineer" and "best work."

The program of the anniversary celebration of an important place and sporting events. In particular, the team FSUE "NPO" Tekhnomash "took part in the Olympics and the Russian Space Agency in the tournament" Business League "mini-football. During March and April on the premises was a chess tournament and competition in table tennis.

Gala night on the 75 - year anniversary of the FSUE "NPO" Tekhnomash ", will take place tomorrow, June 7. It will announce the winners of competitions and awarding ceremony honored employees FSUE" NPO "Tekhnomash." In honor of the celebration will be a concert.

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