Participer à la l'éléction présidentielle américaine pour promouvoir l'espace

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Je vous fait suivre un mail que j'ai reçu de l'association Mars society dont je suis membre de la branche française (l'association planète mars).
J'ai déjà voté, à vous !
VOTE For Questions for the Presidential Debates

You may have noticed that space exploration is appearing in this presidential campaign more than in recent memory (see links below). We need your help to keep this momentum going!
Later this week, both the Democratic and the Republican candidates for president will be participating in the CNN/Politico/LA Times debates (the Republicans will debate on January 30th and the Democrats will debate on January 31st). The debate organizers will select the questions that recieve the largest number of votes. We need to make sure that a "humans to Mars" question is one of those questions. Please vote for a space question now!

You can see which questions have the most votes this far by clicking the "Most Popular" icon at the top of the Democratic and Republican pages. Both have a number of space questions, including one submitted by a Mars Society member that goes as follows:

"NASA can and should send humans to Mars in the short term. Will you support a manned mission to Mars, or will you keep NASA's hands tied by not giving them this mission that is worthy of the $16 billion they spend each year?"

You CAN have an impact. If thousands of members of The Mars Society (and as many of their friends and family as possible) vote for space questions, the debate organizers WILL notice. Let's work together to force humans to Mars into the presidential debates - again!

You should also send a fax to the candidates, letting them know that voters care about Mars, through the Mars Society's automated fax system . This is particularly critical given Tuesday's upcoming Florida primary, and next week's Super Tuesday primaries across the nation, which may determine the nominees for both parties. The candidates will be paying more attention to the voters this week than nearly any other time during the campaign - so be sure to make your voice heard!

1.Go to

2.Fill in your name and address and then write your letter. The fax generator will automatically send faxes to the candidates or your United States Senators and Representative. It will also provide the proper heading to the fax. You do not need to add a heading.

3.If you have any problems getting the fax generator to work, contact Alex Kirk at

Candidate Space Policy Statements
Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Rudy Giuliani

You Tube Debate

Mitt Romney

John McCain

Candidate positions (doesn't include recent statements)

For further information about the Mars Society, visit our website at . Your donations are welcome.
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