L'espace pour les touristes?

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L'espace pour les touristes? Empty L'espace pour les touristes?

Message Lun 11 Aoû 2008 - 21:00

Russia will develop aerospace suborbital system for space tourists

M-91 system draft design is worked out by Myasischev machine-building plant, Interfax-AVN Russian news agency informs.
``The aerospace system is aimed at space tourism. It uses 3М-Т
aircraft as KM-91 space module carrier. Advanced draft design stage
would last about 7-8 months``,- official of the Russian defence
industry told Interfax.
According to him, the contract to cover all the scientific,
research, design and experimental activities, up to system
commissioning, will be signed after the advanced design review.
``The program cost estimation is $500mln. It will last about 3-4 years``,- told the official.
He also stated that totally 3 KM-91 modules would be built. In
addition, some other space industrial companies are to be involved in
the project.
The aerospace system initially was designed for 3 persons, then for
6. Now 16 persons will be able to fly, including 2 pilots. It is worth
mentioning that a similar non-Russian system is planned to begin
operations in 2011. However is will have only 6 seats.
``This is a commercial project funded by a big Russian entity. This
entity knows how to raise money``,- said the official. He refused to
disclose the sponsor`s name.

[source: site de Roscosmos]

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