18 à 24 places sur Soyouz pour la NASA

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Vu sur NSF : la NASA va passer un marché avec Roscosmos pour 18 à 24 places sur Soyouz à partir du printemps 2012

NASA/JSC intends to contract with Roscosmos for these services on a sole source basis for a minimum of 18 Soyuz seats up to a maximum of 24 seats beginning in the Spring of 2012. The maximum number of 24 seats may be procured using multiple modifications in increments of 3 seats, to complete the entire effort. These services are being procured through Roscosmos because the Soyuz is the only proven crew transportation and rescue vehicle (other than the Space Shuttle which is scheduled for retirement in September 2010) currently compatible and able to dock to the International Space Station and capable of providing the needed services.


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