Nouveau directeur du bureau de la NASA à Moscou

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Patrick Buzzard sera le nouveau chef du bureau de la Nasa à Moscou.

Nouveau directeur du bureau de la NASA à Moscou DSC06376

Head of NASA Moscow Liaison Office Introduced to Roscosmos
New chief of NASA Moscow Liaison Office Patric Buzzard was introduced to Roscosmos Administration today.
Mr. Buzzard graduated from University of Houston (B.A./B.A., History/Anthropology, 2nd B.A., Psychology. He also has a degree in MBA (Texas A&M University, M.B.A., Business Administration/International Management and Policy Focus). From 1999 to 2005, he was in different positions in NASA Office in Moscow. In 2005, he returned back to the USA and started working in NASA HQ in Washington. Later, he took a position in the ISS Program Office in Johnson Space Center, Houston.
Starting from May 2009, Mr. Buzzard was appointed the NASA Russia Representative (Acting) for the NASA Moscow Liaison Office (NMLO) at the U.S. Embassy, Moscow. In this position he bears responsibility for monitoring, executing, and supporting NASA`s programmatic and international cooperative activities with Russia, along with maintaining effective relationships and communication between NASA and Russian Federal Agencies including Roscosmos and space organizations.

Mr. Buzzard replaced Dennis McSweeney who was holding the office for 7 years. Due to his work, many Russian/US joint projects were implemented, including International Space Station, scientific Earth, Moon, Mars, space biology and medicine studies, «SAGE», «HEND», «DAN», «LEND», «Photon», «Bion», etc.
Sergey Saveliev, Roscosmos Deputy Head, expressed gratitude to Mr. McSweeney on behalf of Roscosmos Head. In particular, he said:
"Dear Mr. McSweeney,
Your mission as the head of NASA office in the Russian Federation is almost over. It was real pleasure to work with you in different Russian/US space projects... On behalf of Roscosmos Administration and staff, I would like to thank you for your fruitful activities in Moscow, as well as for your initiatives, goodwill, responsiveness.
I wish you godd luck in your new positions. Hopefully, your work will be linked with NASA-Roscosmos space cooperation. I also wish good health to you and your relatives".

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sans en avoir l'air, c'est un poste important ... de plus en plus important????? ;)
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