Un festival "spatial" avec Catherine Deneuve

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Un festival "spatial" avec Catherine Deneuve Big69017dsc_7232

Un festival du film "En orbite spatiale" à Vladivostock avec la présence de Catherine Deneuve, le cosmonaute Yuri Onufrienko et l'astronaute Benjamin Drew, et un salut de Padalka et Romanenko depuis l'ISS

20-09-2009 Film Festival Pacific Meridian: In Space Orbit

For the seventh time in a row film festival Pacific Meridian has begun in the “Ocean” movie theatre. The public together with guests and participants of the festival found out that our plane Erath is not big at all, the world of cinematography is a small place and the meeting with Catherine Deneuve is not impossible.

As usual, the whole thing started with the blue carpet and the Indonesian musical and dancing group “Chantaki” (“the beauty”) set the stage for it. After that the hosts and the guests of the festival walked the blue carpet. French actress Catherine Deneuve was one of the first, popular Russian and foreign actors, directors, sportsmen, musicians and TV anchors followed.

The guests were greeted by Gennady Padalka and Roman Romanenko from aboard the International Space Station, thus making everybody believe that the festival has reached space.
Cosmonaut Yury Onufrienko and the astronaut Benjamin Alvin Drew opened he ceremony in the cinema hall. Both of them shared their impressions of the flights in the outer space and admitted how much they love cinema.


et voir ussi le très beau site du festival http://viff.vl.ru/

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