le satellite Belka-2 et la coopération spatiale Russie-Bielorussie

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Le satellite bielorusse devrait être lancé en avril 2010, et un autre fin 2010.

21-09-2009 Russia and Belorussia: Fly to Space Together
Belorussian Belka-2 satellite is to be launched in April 2010. It is to be lofted by Russian LV. The satellite is produced jointly by Russian and Belorussian specialists. It is based on the Russian platform. Belorussian party is responsible for the payload, Mihkail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Presidium, Belorussian National Academy of Science, told journalists during the press conference in Minsk.
He explained that Belka in the part of joint space constellation, which will help detecting industrial and natural catastrophes, providing necessary space data.
Myasnikovich said that the work with the satellite is ongoing in line with the schedule. The spacecraft is ready for the next stage. Integrated tests are to begin in November- December.
Establishment of the national space agency is intended in Belorussian space exploration and research program.
Roscosmos Head Anatoly Perminov earlier said that ground infrastructure developed for the Russian- Belorussian space constellation is to be used by both parties. According to him, one more launch of Belorussian satellite is planned in late 2010.

Based on http://www.vreso.ru/ru/issues?art_id=725

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