Le premier (nano) satellite péruvien lancé depuis la Russie

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First Peruvian satellite Chasca-1 "will be launched from Russia
:: 13.02.2010

The first Peruvian satellite Chasca-1 "will be launched from the territory of Russia with the help of specialists from the Kursk State Technical University. The satellite will gather information about the climate on the planet, said Aurelio Padilla, rector of the National Engineering University of Peru, engaged in selling space project.

According to him, the creation apparatus, which is a nano-satellites and has the shape of a cube weighing 1 kg, will be completed in July, and the placing into orbit is scheduled for the second half of this year. To date, "Chasca-1" prepared by 60%. "We are deeply moved to Peru with the first space project in its implementation of the important assistance we provide Kursk University, and co-workers whom we are in constant contact", - said the rector.

It is assumed that during its two-month work "Chasca-1" will help in gathering information on climate change on the planet, the state of forests and rivers, the evolution of glaciers. It will carry photographs of the earth's surface.


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