Vidéos intéressantes sur Proton

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Vidéos intéressantes sur Proton Empty Vidéos intéressantes sur Proton

Message Lun 27 Juin 2011 - 0:40

Très intéressante vidéo sur le site de TVRoscosmos: on y voit les tests de séparation de la coiffe de la fusée proton. Comme c'est en russe voici le texte correspondant:
At Space Center Khrunichev tested mechanism, which reveals a space fairing of the launch vehicle "Proton". Developers call this design "saving the shells", whose mission - protection from wind and thermal loads during launch into orbit.

You hear a loud bang. This triggered squib. Fraction of a second - and the fairing of the launch vehicle "Proton" accomplished his main mission. In Khrunichev Space Center - the only one on Earth to see how the fairing is disclosed missiles.
"At eight and a half degrees opened, then everything is fine. squib worked normally. If this works, then everything will work in space", - says Dmitry Politov, Foreman fairing assembly.
In space, breaking the atmosphere, the two hundredth second flight at speeds in excess of two thousand meters per second fairing is disclosed. The work he did. Fragments of the enclosure will be burned up in the dense atmosphere. A spacecraft will continue its flight in outer space already.
"To date, the fairing is the only constant element in the design and launch vehicle, it covers the output of space", - says Yuri Haskin foreman.
This does not make any country in the world. Russian engineers are just as thoroughly work out the disclosure of fairing on the ground. And not in vain.
"In my lifetime, and, God forbid, then the system is reset is always in normal mode", - says Yuri Haskin.
Like all brilliant, based on the mechanism of disclosure - a very simple solution. Along the longitudinal seam is a system of locks to secure the two polustvorok. Cutter, resulting in a system in place - at the top of radome.
"Here pirozaryad set, with its undermining of the cup away and pulls a connecting bolts, the whole system locks and escape from contact with the second half," - shows the principle of the Alexander Simonenko Assistant Director, rocket and space of the plant.
The principle of disclosure of the fairing test of time. Used in all Soviet missiles, and continues to work on the Russian. New developments are underway.
"I had a chance to collect the very first fairing and shoot them. And at the N-1 rocket fairing shoot exactly the same with this system, which is currently running. It is a reliable system," - said Alexander Simonenko.
Alexander Simonenko working in this shop since the early 60s. Remember the chief designer Vladimir Chelomei. He took part in the production of generic UR-100 missiles, which were created for combat duty, and for the peaceful exploration of outer space. Just the UR-100 UR-200 and is the prototype of the current heavy rocket "Proton".
"SD-100 made ​​of 25 pieces per month. They all stood on the ears, forget about home, about family, most importantly - a work assignment and the government" - says Alexander.
In the shops Space Center Khrunichev, as if a giant designer, collect the rocket "Proton". That put the rivets on the most powerful bloc "Proton" - "Atlas" as it is styled.
"On this block keeps the entire rocket. Weight missiles in running somewhere 702 tons, and it is set on six pillars. Therefore, the block is called" Atlas, "and the guys who make it -" Atlantis "because it is very hard work", - says Yuri Smirnov foreman.
Rocket collected and tested. Later, in sections by rail is sent to the spaceport.
"I had such a habit: when the missile is loaded into the car, I always accompanied her, knocking on it. Let serves," - said Alexander Simonenko.
She is. Flown heavy Russian and foreign satellites. Flawless at the stage of breeding, precise delivery into orbit - all Russian "Proton", without which one can hardly imagine the domestic space.


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Vidéos intéressantes sur Proton Empty Re: Vidéos intéressantes sur Proton

Message Dim 16 Fév 2014 - 15:20

Une vidéo sympa de la société Proton-PM, qui produit les moteurs du premier étage du lanceur Proton-M :

Kosmonavtika - Le site de l'Espace russe

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