La base navale de Sea-Launch au Vietnam ou en Corée du Sud?

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Le port d'attache de la flotille de Sea-Launch pourrait être relocalisée soit au Vietnam soit en Corée du Sud. Mais pas de changement dans l'immédiat.

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"Sea Launch" can translate the base port of the United States during the Vietnam Cam Ranh base
Participants of the "Sea Launch" can translate base port of Long Beach (USA) in Cam Ranh (Vietnam), where there used to be the Russian naval base, said Wednesday, "Interfax-AVN," a source in the Russian space industry. "This possibility is discussed at the" top ", - said the official.

However, the leadership of the project do not hurry to pursue the offer for security reasons. "The fact that the route launch platform" Odyssey "and the command ship on the way to the equator, from which to start-ups, will pass by areas where frequent pirate attacks," - said the official.

According to him, the other alternative relocation "Sea Launch" hypothetically could be South Korea. "South Korea's Naro space center is located on the very comfortable bay where it is possible to place a base for" Sea Launch "- said the source." Given the fact that the Russian and South Korean experts have had experience of cooperation (launch site at the Baikonur Naro was built by Russian specialists , they make and the first step for the joint launch vehicle), it seems quite appropriate to hold talks with South Korean partners on cooperation and the international project "Sea Launch" - he believes.

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