lancement du satellite Lomonossov en fin d'année sur Soyouz 2.1v

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D Rogzine a visité la société VNIIEM qui fabrique ce satellite.
Il a à cette occasion découvert la nouvelle plate-forme satellitaire "Canopus", le programme de satellites "Geophysika", la nouvelle chambre à vide et thermique de test de 12 m3 pour tester des satellites en entier.

Demain il visite Energia.

15/01/2013 Running scientific satellite "Lomonosov" planned later in the year

Russian research satellite launch "Lomonosov" with rocket light class "Soyuz-2.1V" is planned for the end of this year, the general director of the corporation VNIIEM (the manufacturer satellite) Leonid Makridenko visiting Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, this enterprise, RIA Novosti reported.

"Launch" Lomonosov "planned for the end of the year. Now we are waiting on the MSU payload for a satellite and then begin its flight testing" - told Makridenko Rogozin.

Rogozin during a site visit also revealed the underlying platform "Canopus", on the basis of which were created by satellites "Canopus-V" (Russia) and BSA (Belarus), which are now operational in orbit.

In addition, the deputy prime minister was shown a new development - the satellite program "Geophysics" to study the upper atmosphere and study the ionosphere.

Rogozin also visited the test facilities for mechanical testing of rocket and space technology, the new thermal vacuum chamber volume of 12 cubic meters for testing small satellites as a whole (not in parts) and for their decontamination.

Deputy Prime Minister also revealed a console hardware, which manages the testing of satellites and space systems, and manufacturing complex precision machining area and the assembly area (Research and Production Center) ship electromechanical engineering.

"We not only got to know this now, but saw that it passed to the production of its own scientific and technological potential. Tomorrow we will continue to visit the enterprise space, and the next target will be RSC" Energia "- Rogozin said after visiting VNIIEM.

He also said that the main indicator of the last year in the space industry was to reduce accidents. "In 2011, there were six accidents in the past one accident and one technical problem, which we have already corrected in December" - said the deputy prime minister.

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