SpaceX signe un contrat avec Astrium (SSTL)

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SpaceX a signé un contrat avec Astrium (plus précisément SSTL) pour la mise en orbite d'un satellite d'observation par une fusée Falcon 1e.

Reçu sur la mailing list de SpaceX :


Hawthorne, CA (September 8, 2009) – Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Astrium announce a contract for a SpaceX Falcon 1e to launch an Earth observation satellite designed by Astrium or its recently acquired subsidiary Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL).

The Falcon 1e is an 'enhanced' version of SpaceX's successful Falcon 1 launch vehicle. Designed from the ground up by SpaceX, the Falcon 1e has upgraded propulsion, structures and avionics systems in order to further improve reliability and bring to market increased mass-to-orbit capability to better serve the needs of the small satellite community.

Astrium and SSTL provide a range of innovative, cutting edge Earth Observation satellite products and through this agreement will be able to offer customers a turnkey solution, with in-orbit delivery of a low Earth orbit satellite system.

The partnership between SpaceX and Astrium paves the way for potential future cooperation.

"SpaceX's Falcon 1e launch vehicle was designed to provide the highest level of reliability as well as the lowest dedicated mission price of any orbital launch system," said Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX. "SpaceX is pleased to be the launch services provider for this mission."

"This Falcon 1e contract allows Astrium to provide a competitive solution for in-orbit delivery of an Earth observation satellite in low Earth orbit," said Evert Dudok CEO of Astrium Satellites. "This deal will ultimately benefit customers seeking innovative and low-cost solutions for valuable Earth observation programs."

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