Un nouveau directeur pour l'Agence Spatial ukrainienne

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Conséquences des changements politiques en cours en Ukraine, l'agence spatiale ukrinienne change de nouveau de Directeur. C'est Yuri Alexeev qui est nommé à ce poste.

Yuri Alexeev appointed Director General of NKA
:: 16.03.2010

Yesterday, 15 March 2010, assumed his duties as Director General of National Space Agency of Ukraine Yury Alexeev.
Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 13, 2010 Alexander Zinchenko was dismissed from his post as Director General of National Space Agency of Ukraine.

Alekseev Yuri

Born Dec. 6, 1948 in Dnepropetrovsk. He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State University (1972).
From 1972 to 2005. - In the software "Southern Machine-Building Plant: Assistant Master, master of the shop main assembly of liquid rocket engines, the senior master (1972-1980), deputy head of department, head of department (1980-1985), deputy chief engineer of pre-production (1985-1988) , Chief Engineer - First Deputy Director General (1988-1992), Director-General (1992-2005).
He has made a great contribution to the creation of the refinement of the production and serial production of missile systems strategic purpose: R-36M, R-36M UTTH, R-36M2 (SS-18 Satan), MR-UR-100 UTTH, RT-23 UTTH (SS -24 "scalpel"), Space Launch Vehicle "Cyclone", "Zenit", military spacecraft and economic purposes. One of the initiators and organizers of the international Sea Launch program "," Dnipro "," Land Launch.
From August 2005 to February 2009 was led by the National Space Agency of Ukraine (NKA). Stepped up the signing of a plan of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation for 2006-2010., The program of Ukraine-Russia cooperation in 2007-2011., Bilateral agreements and joint projects with leading space agencies of the world - CNES (France), DLR (Germany), ESA ( European Union), NASA (USA). Head of training and implementation of national space program of Ukraine for 2008-2012.
Winner of State Prize of Ukraine (1993). Hero of Ukraine (2003). International Academy of Astronautics.


Un nouveau directeur pour l'Agence Spatial ukrainienne Usalekseevb%5B2%5D

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