Le parti communiste de la Fédération de Russie soutient le développement de l'espace

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Le secrétaire générale du PCFR a visité plusieurs entreprises à Korolyov dont Energia et l'Institut central d'Ingénierie Mécanique. Il a été reçu par V Solovyov et Raykunov respectivement.

Il a promis un "plein soutien au nouveaux développements menés par les ingénieurs de la périphérie de Moscou" "déplorant qu'on ait pas pu échapper aux bouleversements des ces 20 dernières années".

On the history and present of the largest space industry association said Gennady A. First Deputy General Designer of RSC Energia, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, VA Soloviev. Communist Party leader visited the museum a unique enterprise, which shows, in particular, the lander spacecraft "Vostok", which made its flight YA Gagarin, and full-scale copy of the orbital station Mir.
After that, GA Zyuganov visited the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, where he met with its director - doctor of technical sciences, GG Raykunovym. The Institute is the largest in the country test base rocket technology. Without his confinement in space can not go to any machine. A substantive, interested in talking about problems and prospects of the industry. GA Zyuganov promised to give full support to the implementation of advanced development of suburban designers. Then the leader of the Communist Party inspected included in the structure of the Institute celebrated the Mission Control Center. His boss told of the center - doctor of technical sciences, VM Ivanov. Currently, MCC specialists supervise the International Space Station, which operates 24 th joint Russian-American expedition.
Evening in the business and leisure center "Kostino met at GA Zyuganov in the city.
- King - is one of the Russian scientific cities, where most prepared and competent people - said the leader of the Communist Party, addressing the participants of the meeting. - It is characterized by its unique space-rocket complexes, which in no other country in the world, including America. I first visited the MCC in their younger years. And after he met with a brilliant constellation of scientists and specialists who work here, was ecstatic. It seemed to me that the country, the first break in the cosmos, and in the 21 st century will flourish, but unfortunately, we are caught in a trap and a whirlpool from which the last 20 years can not possibly escape.


On sait que les communistes déplorent l'attention insuffisante selon eux portée au domaine de l'espace par le gouvernement Poutine, mais l'influence du PC étant assez faible on doute que cela puisse significativement influencer la politique russe dans ce domaine.

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