ESA/Roscosmos: la réunion du 24 juin et le nouveau vaisseau

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Très intéressant communiqué de presse... Mais la traduction est...automatique donc très très approximative. Je cherche une traduction française ou anglaise pour la poster. On se dirige vers une demande de financement pour le développement du vaisseau piloté russo-européen (ici nommé PPTS) ou je me trompe?

ESA/Roscosmos: la réunion du 24 juin et le nouveau vaisseau 712vs

IN Paris, 24 June 2008 gs., Was consisted the third conference of Conducting the board of Dialogue Russia to-евросоюз about the collaboration in the field of outer space.

Dialogue to about the subject area of cosmic action is established in accordance with "Road chart" to about general economy space. Cоглашение was signed 10 May 2005 gs. In Moscow by President Rossiiskoi federatsi In. In. Putinym, by The prime minister of Luxembourg Zh.-

To. Iunkerom, by The chairman of The commission of European communities Zh. M. Durau by-баррозу and Supreme manufacturers repre to Evrosoiuza about foreign policy and safeties Kh. Solanoi.

In the process sittings, co-chairmans whom were :

From Russian party _ manager Roskosmosa And. Rud. Perminov ;

From European party _ the general manager of European cosmic agency (EKA) ZH-ZH.DORDEN and the chapter of General office of director to about the matters of industry and предпринимательства European commission Kh. Zurek, were considered the findings of action created in the context of The dialogue of seven working groups downstream from /of period, last with timing of previous conference (Moscow, 21 March 2007 gs.), And the blueprints of their work gv period till 2009 year and further prospect.

Everything grate negotiating parties lent positive assessment to performed work to about all seven directions interrelationships and emphasized that format of Dialogue lets more результативно to conduct the raid of the novel directions of collaboration and to improve the devices of their mechanization.

Whereat with abnormal operation /proce content co-chairmans marked findings attained in the context of such preemptory joint programs, as "Union in Gvianskom space center" and "Long-term flown transportation system (PPTS). Taking into account significance of the program of building up PPTS, in the process sittings were matched co-operative actions gv near-term outlook and given to corresponding errands called to safeguard the acceptance of to the end 2008 year of decision gv level EKA about financing of the activities of European industry in the context of this project.

Also were approved the blueprints of activities to about ensuring of cooperation and взаимодополняемости global satellite navigational systems (GNSS) GLONASS and "Galileo", activities about stacking of functional supplements GNSS: Russian SDKM and European EGNOS, corresponding.

The in the field remote sensing of Ground were matched the principles of data exchange and the findings of спутниковых observations for the decision of various controls missions, including meteorology, of environmental and agricultural monitoring, of the testing method of the precursors of the fatal air accidents of native character.

Significant alertness was paid to the development of collaboration in the field as fundamental, of so and applied sciences. It is in particular, was signed stipulation between Roskosmosom and EKA about collaboration in investigation of Marsa and it satellite Fobosa in the context of Russian project 'Fobos-Ground" and European mission "Ekzomars", is matched the matter of Russian involvement in the long-term European project of investigation Merkuriya. In part contacted of interdiscipline space sciences, проделана the essential work of methodological character which will allow of to the end year to select for joint mechanization the set of pilot projects, findings which will find practical application in building up the long-term samples of space hardware.

Conducting board adopted decision about convening in Moscow in the spring of 2009 gs. Conferences on the outer space of high level. Convening of this measure it will not on spur effective informing of the scientific and minable community of Russia and Europe about the findings of the work of Dialogue to about the collaboration in the field of outer space but also will safeguard wider attracting to the practical implementation of the offers of working groups Russian and European production facilities and research establishments.

Travels also to mark that in the process the sittings of Conducting board were matched principal accesses to work to about expansion and the refinement of the treatily-legal base of the Russian-European collaboration in the field of outer space. In being in prospect period principal alertness should be paid to developing of the projects of inter-governmental stipulation with state of manufactures-participants TO EKA about the forest patrol of technologies, of executive stipulation between Roskosmosom and EKA about program PPTS and the renewal of preparatory negotiations to about the project of inter-governmental stipulation with state of manufactures Evrosoiuza about collaboration in the field GNSS.

To about the amounts of conference was signed Joint statement, отразившее principal understandings to about findings the activities of Dialogue and the blueprints of working groups gv period till 2009 year and further prospect.

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