Vers un groupe unique de cosmonautes russe?

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Allons nous vers la formation d'un corps unique de cosmonaute? C'est en tout cas le souhait de Serguei Krikalev le directeur du centre d'Entraînement des cosmonautes à la Cité des étoiles.

The head of the CPC called upon to create a single group of astronauts in Russia

On the basis of Cosmonaut Training Center should be to establish a single group of cosmonauts in Russia. Told Chief CTC, the world record holder for the duration of stay in space Sergei Krikalev.
According to the astronaut, previously, when the squad were part of the military, and the other part - civilians, "the creation of a single unit on the basis of the CPC was not quite natural." In July 2009, CTC was transferred from the Defense Roskosmos, recalls ITAR-TASS. Krikalev said that now, when interdepartmental barriers removed, it is wise to create a single unit. Russia squad currently has about 40 astronauts from the LRC, RSC Energia and the Institute of Biomedical Problems, RAS.
Krikalev also stated the need to restore infrastructure, Star City. "That Star City, which we accept now from the Ministry of Defense, requires not just upgrade, it requires the restoration of many of its parts", - said the head of GCTC. In the near future, he promised "to bring together ideas about the future, the CPC" and clearly define "what we have, but what is missing", RIA Novosti.


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